InterOvo Trading

In our packing stations eggs are sorted by weight and size, after which these eggs are distributed to both the domestic and foreign markets. We at Interovo Egg Group are continuously working on developments that enhance the quality of the eggs and to increase their diversity. Interovo Egg Group is well-known among other things for its branded eggs, such as its Corn-Fed eggs Maïsscharrelei ® and the Corn-Fed Free Range egg, Maïs Vrije Uitloop ei ®, for both domestic retail and export.

For more information about the different packing stations and our brand range, please visit the websites of the following companies:


Weko Food International BV  Ochten - The Netherlands

Natuurfarm De Boed BV  Ochten - The Netherlands

Guliker & Roodbol BV  Zoeterwoude - The Netherlands


Trading companies

The trading companies of Interovo Egg Group trade nationally and internationally in both eggs and egg products. In addition to these trading companies Interovo Egg Group has an extensive network of agencies in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Greece, the Middle East, South East Asia and Japan. Our own trading companies and agencies facilitate a close relationship with our customers and a greater local flexibility.


Hamegg Nootbaar GmbH  Hamburg - Germany

Inter Ovo GmbH  Remseck - Germany