Interovo Egg Group is the umbrella organisation of several companies that specialise in eggs and egg products, with branches in various European countries. Quality, innovation and flexibility are the key factors in the way Interovo Egg Group works. Creating added value for eggs and egg products is the most important principle for us here.


Quality is demonstrated for example in the guaranteed food safety of our products. We are able to guarantee our products using the advanced recording and tracing system EggTraceBase ® and our own different laboratories. This quality is also demonstrated in the many certifications and accreditations that we can link to our name.


Innovation is a major aim of our organisation. We aim for continuous improvement and innovation in our products. Through increasing customised product development we work on products that meet the wishes and needs of our customers.


Flexibility is what characterises us as a supplier. Raw materials are supplied from our own poultry farms to our packing stations and production sites. Due to the distribution and variety of our production sites throughout Europe, we are in the unique position of being able to guarantee you continuity of supply and an excellent logistics service. This is partly made possible by being able to use our own trucks from our extensive transport fleet.

Interovo Egg Group is proud of its clientele that includes internationally leading companies who define the market.