Interovo Egg Group is the umbrella organisation of several companies specialising in the production of eggs and egg products. The companies in Interovo Egg Group BV are spread over various European countries. In all these companies Interovo Egg Group focuses on: Quality, Innovation and Flexibility. Quality does not start in the Interovo Egg Group with the end product but right back with the raw materials used to produce the hen feed. Quality control only ends when the products have been delivered to the customer. Using the EggTraceBase® Interovo Egg Group guarantees complete and full transparent traceability of all products. Innovation is demonstrated in the development of the products and packaging. Within the Interovo Egg Group companies the search is on daily for improvements in products and innovation in recipes in order to serve the customers even better. The companies in the Interovo Egg Group are set up such that they are flexible at all times and can respond quickly to orders and hence guarantee short delivery times.





The great majority of the eggs processed within Interovo Egg Group come from poultry farms under our own control.







Egg products are processed on a large scale into foods such as sauces, confectionery, pasta, salads, desserts and meat products.








In addition to egg products Interovo Egg Group has a number of trading companies for sorted eggs intended for the retail and wholesale trade.







The EggTraceBase® guarantees complete and transparent traceability of all products from hen feed to delivered product.